Patriot Full Seat Breeches by 2KGREY

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Patriot Full Seat Breeches by 2KGREY

2KGREYis known for their perfect fit!

Meticulous details that provide durability, breath-ability, tear resistance and salt staining resistance. Careful seam placement combined with our cotton blend four-way stretch fabric enhances your look no matter what your body shape. The over-sizes waistband is handled with care providing added support giving the illusion of a low rise cut, but in reality it's height eliminates muffin tops. Plus they will not slip down or stretch out. You will never have baggy knees. 2KGREY pants go all the way to the ankle bone with no tabs that create irritation. Perfect for wearing with tall boots, short boots, stilettos or sandals.

Our fun, flashy inspirational designs are not only perfect for riding but are the go anywhere do anything while feeling like the the strong confident women you are.

waist sizes for the Patriot are 21 inch through 32 inches in every inch for that perfect fit.

  • Model: 2K107
  • Manufactured by: 2kGrey
  • Product ID: 20
  • UPC codes
    • 754888709028
    • 754888709042
    • 754888709066
    • 754888709080
    • 754888709103
    • 754888709059
    • 754888709035
    • 754888709073
    • 754888709097

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